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BETTACARE has made quality products for more than 20 years and is a well known and respected name. It supplies a variety of products for parents, ranging from simple bath supports to more technologically advanced items such as the AutoClose Safety Gate.

BUMPTO3 is a mail order specialist for pregnancy, baby and toddler products (as the name suggests). The company started out by launching Grobag® baby sleeping bags.




The Mamas & Papas promisi 'You can make your home safe for a baby without compromising on style.' PP's verdict An easy-to-install, pressure-fit gate with a light that changes colour to show it's been fitted correctly. The central opening makes it steady, although it slightly reduces the access width. It fits openings 73-93cm, and is available in silver and white. Extra marks for... push-button lock that opens with one hand. Stockists 0870 830 7700;


The Bettacare promise

'Our products are of a high quality, represent good value for money and are covered by the latest safety standards.' PP's verdict A winning feature is that the gate closes and locks automatically - a great safety device. It fixes with screw-in wall cups or adhesive pads. Extra marks for. being simple to fit and easy to operate. Points to note The opening is quite narrow; has a crossbar. Stockists 01293 851896;

'I found safety gates so handy that I ended up buying one for the top of the stairs, one for the bottom and one for the kitchen entrance.'

Sarah Collins, mum to Annabel, 18 months

Lindam easy fit premium easy close

...because mums never accept second best!

The uwoid winning Lin dam euiy fir liremiurn solely gate piovidits both Functionality and ilyl'j within ihc home?. I ha tusy closa iysrsm ensures the gate closes ofrar' nocti use offemig odded peam si mind, especially ii thoie are older ioddlers or visitors in ihe home no screws or drilling ■ Iwo way opening - ready assembled

The easy lit premium easy clos« solely gale forms just part ol oui saiaty gore collection Available ot Argos. Toyj R Us. John Lewis, Soois, Great Universal, LiHlewoods, Asdo, Woolworlhs, www.biieils.comj Grottan, www.ltirfdienrn.eoei nnd olhflf leading retailors.

www.lindtim com customer" curelme. OS/01 110 118

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NOTHING FITS! Look no further to re-stock yo wardrobe with summer essentials for babies, toddlers and mums-to-b parenting tUiKTiALEOITOR ■ ■ PEiSMAlAMIiWiT" Lit KLI H -I- != ui jnw i FtCTMEsexfoN




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You have to ring it to win it! Terrific travel system

Life as a mum isso much easier with Graco'sPassage Travel

System. It folds with one hand, stands when folded, has an adjustable handle height and comes with an Autobaby car seat (birth to 13kg) that locks onto the pushchair with one click. We have four to give away. Call 09055 810051 ,ortextPPGRACO, followed by a space, then your name and address, to 86611. Or you can enter online at For stockists, call 0870 90 90 501.

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