Practiceplanners Series Preface

The practice of psychotherapy has a dimension that did not exist 30, 20, or even 15 years ago—accountability. Treatment programs, public agencies, clinics, and even group and solo practitioners must now justify the treatment of patients to outside review entities that control the payment of fees. This development has resulted in an explosion of paperwork. Clinicians must now document what has been done in treatment, what is planned for the future, and what the anticipated outcomes of the interventions are. The books and software in this PracticePlanners series are designed to help practitioners fulfill these documentation requirements efficiently and professionally.

The PracticePlanners series is growing rapidly. It now includes not only the original The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Third Edition, The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Third Edition, and The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Third Edition, but also Treatment Planners targeted to specialty areas of practice, including: addictions, juvenile justice/residential care, couples therapy, employee assistance, behavioral medicine, therapy with older adults, pastoral counseling, family therapy, group therapy, neuropsychology, therapy with gays and lesbians, special education, school counseling, probation and parole, therapy with sexual abuse victims and offenders, and more.

Several of the Treatment Planner books now have companion Progress Notes Planners (e.g., Adult, Adolescent, Child, Addictions, Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, Couples, Family). More of these planners that provide a menu of progress statements that elaborate on the client's symptom presentation and the provider's therapeutic intervention are in production. Each Progress Notes Planner statement is directly integrated with "Behavioral Definitions" and "Therapeutic Interventions" items from the companion Treatment Planner.

The list of therapeutic Homework Planners is also growing from the original Brief Therapy Homework for Adult to Adolescent, Child, Couples, Group, Family, Addictions, Divorce, Grief, Employee Assistance, and School Counseling/School Social Work Homework Planners. Each of these books can be used alone or in conjunction with their companion Treatment Planner. Homework assignments are designed around each presenting problem (e.g., Anxiety, Depression, Chemical Dependence, Anger

Management, Panic, Eating Disorders) that is the focus of a chapter in its corresponding Treatment Planner.

Client Education Handout Planners, a relatively new branch in the series, provide brochures and handouts to help educate and inform adult, child, adolescent, couples, and family clients on a myriad of mental health issues, as well as life-skills techniques. The list of presenting problems for which information is provided mirrors the list of presenting problems in the Treatment Planner of the title similar to that of the Handout Planner. Thus, the problems for which educational material is provided in the Child and Adolescent Client Education Handout Planner reflect the presenting problems listed in The Child and The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner books. Handouts are included on CD-ROMs for easy printing and are ideal for use in waiting rooms, at presentations, as newsletters, or as information for clients struggling with mental illness issues.

The latest additions to the series are The Complete Treatment and Homework Planners. These books are a compilation of content from the series as it focuses on a specific presenting problem across various populations (e.g., Adult, Adolescent, Child, Older Adult, Chemically Dependent, Severe and Persistent Mentally Ill) and treatment approaches (e.g., Group, Psychopharmacology, Family). The first two books in this branch of the series are dedicated to the problems of Depression and Anxiety, respectively. Treatment planning content, as well as homework content, is presented in each volume.

In addition, the series also includes TheraScribe®, the latest version of the popular treatment planning, clinical record-keeping software. TheraScribe allows the user to import the data from any of the Treatment Planner, Progress Notes Planner, or Homework Planner books into the software's expandable database. Then the point-and-click method can create a detailed, neatly organized, individualized, and customized treatment plan along with optional integrated progress notes and homework assignments.

Adjunctive books, such as The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer, and the Clinical, Forensic, Child, Couples and Family, Continuum of Care, and Chemical Dependence Documentation Sourcebook contain forms and resources to aid the mental health practice management. The goal of the series is to provide practitioners with the resources they need to provide high-quality care in the era of accountability—or, to put it simply, we seek to help you spend more time on patients, and less time on paperwork.

Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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