How To Use This Planner

The Parenting Skills Treatment Planner was developed as a tool to aide family-oriented mental health professionals in writing a treatment plan in a rapid manner that is clear, specific, and highly individualized according to the following progression:

1. Choose one presenting problem/disability (Step One) you have identified through your assessment process. Locate the corresponding page number for that problem/disability in the Planner's table of contents.

2. Select two or three of the listed behavioral definitions or symptoms of the problem (Step Two) and record them in the appropriate section on your treatment plan form. Feel free to add your own defining statement if you determine that your client's behavioral manifestation of the identified problem is not listed.

3. Select one or more long-term goals (Step Three) and again write the selection, exactly as it is written in the Planner or in some appropriately modified form, in the corresponding area of your Treatment form.

4. Review the listed objectives for this problem and select the ones that you judge to be clinically indicated for your client (Step Four). Remember, it is recommended that you select at least two objectives for each problem. Add a target date allocated for the attainment of each objective, if necessary.

5. Choose relevant interventions (Step Five). The Planner offers suggested interventions related to each objective in the parentheses following the objective statement. But do not limit yourself to those interventions. Just as with definitions, goals, and objectives, there is space allowed for you to enter your own interventions into the Planner. This allows you to refer to these entries when you create a plan around this problem in the future. You may have to assign responsibility to a specific person for implementation of each intervention if the treatment is being carried out by a team.

Congratulations! You should now have a complete, individualized, treatment plan that is ready for immediate implementation and presentation to the parents. It should resemble the format of the "Sample Treatment Plan" presented on page 9.

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