Behavioral Definitions

1. Fail to provide the minimum care, supervision, emotional support, and nurturing required for normal childhood development.

2. Lack the emotional stability, cognitive ability, and/or knowledge base to perform appropriate parenting behaviors.

3. Report the generational cycle of abuse and neglect present in the parent's childhood.

4. Tolerate, condone, or ignore abuse, neglect, or maltreatment from the spouse or another caregiver.

5. Demands and expectations exceed the child's maturity and ability level.

6. Value, promote, and demand family secrecy and isolation.

7. Refuse to cooperate with the school, medical care facilities, private agencies, or child protection services that offer treatment programs for abused children and their families.

8. The child is the recipient of physical, sexual, or emotional aggression, resulting in injury or emotional trauma from a parent or caregiver.

9. The child incorporates aggressive and dysfunctional parental characteristics into own behavior patterns through internalization and modeling.

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