Behavioral Definitions

1. Child is diagnosed with a long-term chronic illness or a life-long disability.

2. Trauma, devastation and confusion result from awareness of the chronic nature of the child's physical challenges.

3. The stages of grief and loss (e.g., denial, bargaining, anger, despair, acceptance) are experienced as the family begins to cope with the child's illness or disability and the resulting special health needs.

4. Pervasive feelings of anger and disappointment interfere with normal loving relationships among family members.

5. Fear and anxiety regarding the future of the child with special health needs.

6. Guilt and blame over the cause of the illness or disability.

7. Confusion and feelings of powerlessness over how to best deal with the child's chronic condition.

8. Feelings of disappointment and resentment directed toward God, medical personnel, society, and the child with special health needs.

9. Siblings are kind and supportive toward their chronically ill or disabled brother or sister.

10. Siblings remain distant from, resentful of, and rejecting toward their brother/sister with special medical needs.

11. Overprotective parenting results in the child with physical challenges becoming depressed, anxious, fearful, overly dependent, and/or socially immature.

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