Behavioral Definitions

1. One or more children in the family have had an interruption in the initial bonding process with their primary caretaker due to abuse, neglect, illness, separation, or adoption.

2. Lack of parenting skills and strategies to deal with the severe nature of the unattached child's rage, distrust, and inability to function within the family structure.

3. Family is in a constant state of crisis due to the outrageous and demanding behavior of the unattached child.

4. Doubts about their ability to cope with the disrupted family situation lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

5. Feelings of unreasonable anger and frustration toward the unattached child.

6. Lack of an effective and unified child management strategy leads to parental frustration, conflict, tri angulation, and potentially eventual separation and/or divorce.

7. Siblings who are mistreated and/or abused by the unattached child develop fear and anxiety reactions and try to distance themselves from their threatening sibling.

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