Behavioral Definitions

1. Lack of awareness of various career pathways and options available to the children for future employment.

2. Under-involvement in the career choices of the children or a tendency to push too hard toward a specific career pathway.

3. Failure to emphasize academic excellence and to associate school curriculum with the future career goals of the children.

4. Display a negative attitude toward work and model a poor work ethic and undesirable personal work habits.

5. View work and employment opportunities as limited by gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity.

6. Absence of an early childhood and ongoing emphasis on literacy, communication, and social skills in the family setting.

7. Lack of availability of or an interest in work-related technology (e.g., computers, Internet, distance learning, educational television).

8. Failure to make the necessary plans for the children's college and/or postgraduation training and to assist them in the school to work transition.

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