Behavioral Definitions

1. Child continually demands attention from parents and siblings in negative and irritating ways.

2. Waver between giving the child attention for negative behavior and reacting with anger and frustration.

3. Confused, frustrated, and exhausted by the constant demands by the attention-seeking child on the family's resources.

4. Lack the positive strategies, disciplinary techniques, and confidence necessary to deal effectively with the attention-seeking child.

5. Siblings resent and reject the attention-seeking child.

6. The attention-seeking child feels unimportant and unrecognized and escalates the negative attention-seeking behaviors in an attempt to satisfy unmet needs.

7. Parents and siblings are embarrassed by the attention-seeking child's behavior in public. The attention-seeking child is viewed as different or not fitting in with acceptable patterns of family behavior or family values.

8. The family is demoralized due to the stress and conflict resulting from living with an attention-seeking child.

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