Behavioral Definitions

1. Receive welfare payments, food stamps, Medicaid, and/or qualify for free or reduced school meal programs.

2. Reside in substandard housing.

3. Unemployed or earn income below poverty level.

4. Lack of transportation, phone, medical assistance, utilities, and other essential resources.

5. Impoverished due to recent economic downturn.

6. Extended family has been in poverty for more than one generation.

7. High incidence of teen pregnancies in extended family leading to lowered socioeconomic status.

8. Single-parent family with a matriarchal structure and inconsistent financial and emotional support from the child's father.

9. Financial resources are spent to meet immediate personal needs and extra money is shared with family and friends rather than saved.

10. Education is viewed with skepticism and suspicion rather than a means to overcome poverty.

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