Behavioral Definitions

1. Give attention and affection almost exclusively to the children, replacing the previous adult-centered, intimate spousal relationship.

2. Deprive the children of parental love, nurturing, and support due to a preoccupation with intimacy and attention given to each other.

3. Report feeling exhausted and overstressed by work, social, and family responsibilities, leaving little time and energy for maintaining intimacy in the marriage.

4. Create feelings of fear, intimidation, and resentment in spouse through abusive behavior.

5. Mother feels overburdened and father feels alienated due to rigid family role definitions.

6. Refusal or reluctance to use direct and open communication leads to triangulation, manipulation, and rivalry among family members.

7. Employ opposing parenting styles, creating conflict and confusion within the family.

8. Lack of commitment to family needs and responsibilities by one spouse, creates resentment, lack of self-esteem, and feelings of hostility in the co-parent and children.

9. Engage in addictive behavior preventing the fulfillment of family roles and responsibilities.

10. Lack constructive conflict-resolution strategies resulting in threats, anger, and emotional distancing among family members.

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