Behavioral Definitions

1. Raising children alone or in partnership with a co-parent living in a separate residence.

2. Verbalizes feeling overwhelmed with the stress of multiple responsibilities of raising children.

3. Lacks financial resources to support the family on a single income.

4. Lacks consistent, positive, and compassionate discipline.

5. Reports feelings of guilt and inadequacy caused by raising children in a nontraditional family.

6. Reports feelings of grief and loss caused by divorce, death, or absence of the co-parent.

7. Complains of a lack of involvement, and/or financial and emotional support from the other parent.

8. Verbalizes feelings of resentment toward the absent or unhelpful parent.

9. Lacks access to family, friends, or community resources to provide assistance to the family.

10. Lacks education and skills necessary to become self-supporting.

11. Children are traumatized by the breakup of the family and/or feel stigmatized by living in a nontraditional family.

12. Children are unable or unwilling to help with the daily and long-term responsibilities of managing the household.

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