Behavioral Definitions

1. Lack effective parenting techniques and rely on strategies learned from personal, family, and childhood experiences.

2. Exhibit a permissive approach to the child and a reluctance to set reasonable limits.

3. Waver between overly protective and overly demanding interactions with the child.

4. Become frustrated and confused when the child behaves in an opposi-tional manner.

5. Neglect the child's basic needs for nurturing by ignoring pleas for love and attention.

6. Rely too heavily on day care, nannies, babysitters, and relatives to provide love, nurture, and guidance to the child.

7. Develop a symbiotic relationship with the child by excluding outside interaction and childcare.

8. Allow the child to make decisions and receive privileges that are far beyond the child's level of maturity.

9. Child demonstrates an absence of age-appropriate self-control in various environments.

10. Child lacks respect for self, parents, and others.

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