Behavioral Definitions

1. Grandparents are overly involved, offer unwanted advice, and try to impose opinions and values on the adult children and grandchildren.

2. Grandparents lack involvement with the grandchildren and fail to establish a loving bond.

3. Grandparents live a long distance from adult children and grandchildren and interact irregularly.

4. Grandparents override parental authority and sabotage their adult child's efforts to parent the grandchildren.

5. Grandparents spoil the grandchildren with excessive money, gifts, and favors.

6. Grandparents lack discipline skills and fail to set limits for the grandchildren.

7. Grandparents interfere with the marital relationships of their adult children.

8. Grandparents side with the grandchildren in conflicts with their parents.

9. Grandparents are in conflict with the adult children, which restricts or prevents a loving relationship with the grandchildren.

10. Parents make unreasonable demands of the grandparents for child-care, money, and other resources for the grandchildren.

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