Behavioral Definitions

1. Report feelings of guilt and inadequacy over perceived inability to effectively manage sibling jealousy and conflict.

2. Lack conflict resolution strategies to assist the children in settling disputes and learning to live peacefully with all family members.

3. Attempt to distribute family resources equally rather than based on the individual and unique needs of each child.

4. Foster jealousy and rivalry by favoring one child and/or comparing the talents, actions and attributes of the siblings.

5. Too quickly and too often intervene in sibling disputes and punish the perceived perpetrator.

6. Report feeling frustrated by the hostility and confusion resulting from the sibling conflicts.

7. Ignore serious sibling conflicts that can result in destructive long-term effects.

8. Support a win/lose attitude among the siblings that contributes to intensified conflict.

9. Siblings engage in manipulation and triangulation to become the favored child.

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