Behavioral Definitions

1. Exhibit a high level of anxiety over separation from the child during the school day.

2. Verbalize a fear of school attendance as a threat to the close parent/ child relationship.

3. Have failed to adequately prepare the child for a successful adjustment to school.

4. Express negative opinions about school and the overall benefits of an education.

5. Demonstrate over-involvement in the child's school experience.

6. Demonstrate a lack of interest in the child's adjustment to school.

7. Verbalize unrealistic expectations for high achievement which create anxiety and a lack of self-confidence in the child.

8. Engage in conflict with the child's teachers over educational strategies.

9. Provide poor examples of effort, achievement, and lifelong learning for the child to emulate.

10. The child verbalizes feelings of inadequacy in areas of academic, social, and independent functioning.

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