Behavioral Definitions

1. Chronic and obsessive worry about the welfare of the child.

2. Restrict the normal and age-appropriate activities of the child.

3. Control all decision making, leaving the child little opportunity to make choices or solve problems independently.

4. Unrealistic belief that the child is fragile, incapable, and needs protection.

5. Fear that the child will be devastated by failure or mistakes.

6. Frustration that the child fails to demonstrate self-confidence, courage, and responsible behavior.

7. Remain close and overly involved while the child participates in activities that other children handle alone.

8. Child demonstrates dependent behavior and verbalizes feelings of inadequacy.

9. Child relies excessively on others for support, direction, and guidance. 10. Child is reluctant to take the initiative, attempt unfamiliar tasks, or assume a leadership role.

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