Behavioral Definitions

1. Child is diagnosed with a conduct disorder and seriously violates family, school, and community rules.

2. Child is physically aggressive and cruel to people and/or animals.

3. Child deliberately destroys property at home, school, and/or in the community.

4. Child is deceitful, lies, steals, and exhibits antisocial behavior without apparent remorse or consideration of the consequences.

5. Fear for personal safety and the safety of others as the result of the child's aggressive behavior.

6. Predominant use of demeaning, neglectful, and/or abusive parenting methods during the child's developmental years.

7. Emotional instability and volatile interpersonal conflict contribute to the chaos within the family.

8. Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol permeates the family lifestyle.

9. Others blame the child's socially maladjusted behavior on poor parenting.

10. Siblings in family develop psychological or behavioral difficulties as a result of living with an aggressive and socially maladjusted brother or sister.

11. Feelings of despair that the problem is so great that no agencies or professionals can or will help.

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