Behavioral Definitions

1. Lack strength, patience, and endurance required for daily management of the oppositional child.

2. Report fatigue, frustration, and confusion caused by the child's angry and resentful behavior.

3. Lack effective and unified behavior management strategies, resulting in the child's manipulation, triangulation, and feelings of inadequacy.

4. Lack a support system and respite resources to help cope with the demanding child.

5. Child engages in frequent confrontation and arguments with parents and other family members.

6. Child deliberately tries to upset or annoy people and projects blame for misbehavior or mistakes onto others.

7. Child has significant difficulty in family, social, or academic functioning due to a negativistic, oppositional attitude.

8. Extended family members and friends criticize the child's behavior and the parents' lack of control.

9. Siblings are resentful of and embarrassed by the oppositional child's behavior and try to distance themselves from their sibling.

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