Writing this planner has been an effort of joy and dedication for me. I am aware that parenting is the most difficult job assumed by human beings. I thank my own children Michael Knapp and Heather Werkema for teaching me this lesson throughout their childhood years. They are now lovingly and graciously repaying my efforts with their own amazing life journeys.

I am immensely grateful to co-author Art Jongsma who has worked diligently with me on this treatment planner ever since its inception. Further special thanks go to Jennifer Byrne who applied her transcription gifts to make this planner consistent, well organized, and user-friendly. Peggy Alexander, David Bernstein, Cris Wojdylo, Judi Knott, and Micheline Frederick at Wiley are the final links in a collaborative chain that produced this book in its final form.

As we try to collect our thoughts and ideas and commit them to paper in writing a book, we are confronted with gaps in our knowledge. I am grateful for Sarah Knapp who has been most competent in providing the background and knowledge to allow me to help her write this book. She has been very professional in her approach and very responsible about completing this project with high-quality work. Thank you Sarah. You have made a fine contribution to the literature that will surely assist many people for years to come.

I also continue to be grateful to my support staff at Wiley, most of whom have already been named above by Sarah. This crew is the best around.

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