Final Note

One important aspect of effective treatment planning is that each plan should be tailored to the individual problems and needs of parents and their children. The family's strengths and weaknesses, unique stressors, social network, circumstances, and symptom patterns must be considered in developing a treatment strategy. Drawing on our own years of parent education and clinical experiences, we have put together a variety of treatment choices. These statements can be combined in thousands of permutations to develop detailed treatment plans. Relying on their own good judgment, family mental health professionals can easily select the statements that are appropriate for the parents and children on their caseload. In addition, we encourage readers to add their own definitions, goals, objectives, and interventions to the existing samples. It is our hope that the Parenting Skills Treatment Planner will promote effective, creative treatment planning—a process that will ultimately benefit the parents, the identified child, the family, and the greater community.

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