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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The number of years since the founding of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Teaching kids about the joys, struggles, and accomplishments of the people who lived before them not only broadens their tiny worldviews, it can inspire them. Celebrate Black History Month together, and watch their minds open: READ Young readers will love learning about our historic first family in Barack, by Jonah Winter; older ones will dig Obama: A Promise of Change, by David Mendell. COOK Whip up a simple African-inspired dish like Jamaican Rice and Peas (get the recipe at Suitel01.com) or Caribbean-Style Braised Turkey Legs (from Foodnetwork.com). VISIT Check out a National Underground Railroad site near you. Go to Nps.gov/history/ugrr for listings and other ideas. SURF History.com and Biography.com both have tons of quick family activities; explore photo galleries, interactive timelines, and more. —Casey Talbot

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