The Powdertowater Ratio Matters

Follow the preparation instructions to the letter. Using more water to "stretch" formula can result in seizures: using less can result in dehydration and obesity. SWITCHING FORMULAS MAY NOT HELP FUSS I NESS Only a small percentage of infants truly need a specialized type of formula, but talk to your pediatrician if your baby is having frequent digestive difficulty and seems to be especially unhappy.

Make our food safer!

What do potatoes, cheese, eggs, and ice cream have in common? Besides being a big part of kids' diets, they've also made the Center for Science in the Public Interest's Top 10 list of riskiest foods. These culprits— which also include leafy greens, tuna, oysters, tomatoes, sprouts, and berries-have been responsible for 1,500 outbreaks of food-borne illness that have sickened nearly 50,000 people since 1990. Tell Congress you want stricter food-safety legislation now. Sign the petition for the Food Safety Enhancement Act at

what kids are eating now

A whopping 3,273 parents fessed up to what they're feeding kids ages 4 and under for the second Nestlé Feeding infants and Toddlers Study 2008 (FITS). While it's still not easy being green, the state of tot diets is not as bad as many think!

our kids still eat too many fries we're trying our best to get them to eat green beans we're breastfeeding longer tots are snacking on fewer sweets our kids still eat too many fries

I ie "i'S- -I S, r ?00/, revealed that the number one veggie kids ate was fries (seriously—they're made from potatoes). Now mashed potatoes top the list for babies, but after 12 months, fries dominate up to age 3. Okay, we know they're delicious, and we love them, too, but can we all agree that they just don't count as a vegetable?

we're trying our best to get them to eat green beans

Thirty percent of the preschool set don't eat a single vegetable on a given day. Whi le the researchers said this was an "area that needs improvement," we were impressed that the other 70 percent actually are eating veggies. If you're offering vegetables daily, and you're getting a taker seven out of ten of those days, high five!

■ hirty-three percent of moms today are still nursing at 9 to 11 months, up from only 21 percent seen in the 2002 FITS. Less impressive, however, is that 17 percent of babies are being given cow's milk before age 1, which puts them at risk for anemia. Stick with breast milk (and an iron supplement) or formula for the full first year.

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