Put A Playpen In Your Room

If your baby Isn't happy unless you're nearby, set up a play yard in your room and fill itwithafew favorite toys. Practice during the day first, then once he's comfortable, try it in the morning—while you snooze a ¡ittie longer.

Turn a fave show on low and let her cuddle up next to you. And remember, on those days when you're desperate, you can always resort to pure, unadulterated bribery. Once when we knewwe were going to have a particularly late night, we told our early-rising 2-year-old we'd give her ice cream for breakfast if she s t aye d in her room until 7 a.m. It worked! ■

Michelle Crouch is a freelance journalist in Charlotte, JVC, whose three young children wake up with the sun.

Keeping It Safe

DO A TRIAL RUN See if your kid can do 20 to40 minutes of quiet time in his room during the day, while you're awake. If so, try it in the morning, but stay awake to listen,

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