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A child who receives the right nutrition in the first five years is more likely to be healthy for the rest of their lives. That's why Gerber created the first stage-based nutrition system, designed to help you give your child the right nutrition from birth to preschool. Look for these Milestone Symbols'" in store and online to guide you. St rtH aithyStayHealtUy. com

Angic's Harmony,

Welcome to my life. Sure, I see It as a glass half full, but Wi it's still a lot to handle. How do I stay balanced?

Milk, It's nature's wellness drink - naturally nutrient rich like no other beverage. Now can someone just get me a straw?

»from the Editor

We're better than ever

One look til our cover and you probably noticed something a little different—we've freshened ourselves up! Our new look carries right on through to the back page. You'll still find all your favorite columns, like the Snacks pages. Top Ten list, and Health updates, but now we've reorganized so that they're easier than ever to find, and there's even more to love. Everything for Mom—including brand-new columns oii nutrition and your love life—is in a single section, Mom Time. (Don't miss our big beauty feature, "Parenting Staffers' Beauty Faves," on page 58, either.) Everything about kids is in Kid Time, with more on heal thy eating, and our Family Time features lots of great, inexpensive ideas you can all do together. Speaking of fun, see this photo of my family in our backyard? What you don't see is that right behind us there's a hill that's absolutely terrific for sledding. This year, though, I'm heeding the good advice in our winter-safety story, "Chillax!" (page 74), As we get to the bottom of the hill and go shooting over the stone wall into snowdrifts, we'll still be laughing like the crazy folks we are—but now we'lI be wearing helmets!

Susan Kane, Editorial Director su sa n @pa re nti ng. com

» your Letters

Our story about an innovative treatment program for postpartum depression, "'Why New Moms Cry" (November), brought an outpouring of letters, "it's such a relief to hear about other moms going through this and know I'm not alone," wrote

Ayla House of Sout haven, MS. "Thank you so much!" Jazmin Duque Vojdani of Atlanta shared her own experience with pregnancy-related anxiety: "I was four months pregnant, had stopped eating, and had not slept for five days," she wrote. "My doctor reassured me that I wasn't crazy and that everything, one day, would be okay. My daughter is nowa year old, and I couldn't he happier." Neither could we, Jazmin.

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