From the people who made tears disappear, a nighttime routine that helps babies sleep better.

JOHNSON'S® has the only nighttime routine that has been clinically proven to help baby fall asleep more easily and sleep through the night better. Try our before-bed routine, a bath with JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® Bath, a gentle massage with JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® Lotion, and a few minutes of quiet time. That means sweet dreams for everyone.

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Look at how our winner has grown!

Soraya Dennis, winner of the 2009 LIVE! with Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Search, gets the energy she needs to grow from Gerber* Graduates Healthy Meals and Snacks.

The Gerber Generation needs energy to grow strong. That's why Gerber® Graduates® Healthy Meals are specifically designed to provide preschoolers with protein, a fuii serving of vegetables, and vitamins and minerals they need to have fun and be a star! Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™

It just keeps getting better! Not only will the winning baby of the 2010 Beautiful Baby Search appear on the cover of Parenting Early Years, but LIVE! with Regis and Kelly and Gerber will provide one lucky little winner with $125,000 to be used toward a college education! Also, Gerber will provide an additional $100,000 toward a college education to be divided among the four runners-up. Ail ten semi-finalists will receive fabulous prizes from Gerber. For more information on how to enter, visit parenting.com/beautifuibaby.

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