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Positive Parenting Tips for Toddlers

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"Peekaboo" and "This Little Piggy" aren't just simple ways to entertain your baby. They can also teach skills:

We love Fisher-Price's new line of diapers: The

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Dance fever

Susie Brown's not the chattiest kid—even around family. But just turn on sonic music. "She wiggles her bottom anil spins in circles "says the 14 month-old's mom, Patti, oI'Beach wood, NJ. "Just about any song with a bouncy tune has her bopping away."

By the time your toddler's able to walk, around 12 to 14 months, shell have enough control over her body to shake it to the beat, says Man reen O'Br ien, Ph .!>., founder of Destinatioiiparenting.coni, a child-development website. "It's away for her to show off a little," O'Brien adds.

Dancing can also be a sweet wiiidow on to your child's world. A happy dance

with lots of clapping could signal she's pleased. She may also be angling for attention ifs a surefire way to get a few laughs or imitating you when you're getting into the rhythm.

Toddlers especially love a partner, so go ahead and twist and shout You both might pick up a few new moves.

-heather johnson durocher

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