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The Bouncing Colors Turtle entertains your tot as he rides, with spinning beads and seven little ditties ("Bingo," "Pop Goes the Weasel"); he also calls out colors and shapes as the lights flash ("red circle"), ($29.99; 18 months and up rewind animals. tfjf pl^rou M


New moms of the world, prepare to be liberated!

The Babytalk Insider's Guide to Your Baby's First Year is a totally comprehensive handbook packed with practical solutions from the award-winning editors of Babytalk magazine. Loaded with advice from moms who've been there, done that—and who have uncovered priceless secrets firsthand— The Babytalk Insider's Guide tells the truth about every aspect of baby care, with no lecturing or finger-wagging, including:

Breastfeed if you can, introduce a bottle if it helps you cope—and using formula is just fine, too.

• TV and DVDs can sometimes be your best friend—so ditch the guilt!

• Let your baby nap anywhere that works for him—and buys you the most time.

• There is some gear you really need and some stuff that's just a waste of money.

• Learn how to deal with medical issues both everyday and serious.

• Get real help with colic and crying {not just the tired clichés that work for 5 minutes).

• Develop a mothering style that's as unique as your precious baby.



Your Baby's First Year

Expert advice that tells it (ike it is—plus the secrets that nobody else reveals

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