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Babies, babies, babies! We can't believe how many adorable pics are rolling in for our third annual Live.' vWffi Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Search. See the charming contenders who've caught our eye at, and learn how to enter your little one for the chance to win $125,000 toward college, get on TV, and be on our cover! Check out page 14 for even more exciting details.


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Want $200 worth of top-of-the-line pots and pans? Of course you do! Enter to be one of five lucky winners to score a ten-piece set of Circulon Contempo cookware.

Why, oh why, won't my toddler keep her clothes on? Huh, is that his first smile or another gas-induced grin? Sign up for our weekly Ages & Stages newsletter to help get to the bottom of your baby's baffling behavior—we've got every milestone from the first week of life through her second birthday covered!

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