Unitarian Universalist Fellowships

Unitarian fellowships are "creedless," meaning they require no expression of shared dogmas, doctrines, or religious beliefs. In lieu of doctrines, the denomination is organized around Seven UU Principles (outlined in the Appendix). The majority of Unitarian Universalists identify as atheists or agnostics, and an even larger percentage (91 percent) include "humanist" as one of their self-identities.8 Unitarian Universalist congregations have a well-developed religious education program for kids, focusing on comparative religion and ethics, as well as a highly regarded sex education program. There are currently over 1,040 UU fellowships in North America, so the odds are good that you will find one or more in your area.

UU fellowships vary widely in their approach and atmosphere depending on the minister and the makeup of the congregation. Some continue to use Christian language and symbolism, while others have a more completely non-theistic flavor. If there is more than one UU in your area, compare them to see which suits your family the best. If the services are not for you, there may still be other programmatic offerings that are appealing.

In addition to visiting fellowships, many answers to common questions about Unitarian Universalism can be found at www.uufaq.com.

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