Telephone Detective

Ages 7+ for six or more players

Materials: index cards

This is the traditional game of telephone (a.k.a. Chinese whispers, Russian Scandal, or Grapevine) with a twist. Put a small dot on one index card.

Pass out cards to the entire circle. One person, designated the Source, starts a message around the circle, whispering from one person to the next. Whoever has the card with the dot is instructed to slightly change the message. The Source (first in the circle) then asks questions to determine where the message was changed.

One problem: Members of the circle can lie. Once the Source has asked (at most) one question per person, he or she points to the person he or she thinks has the dot. The accused shows his or her card. If there is no dot, the Source is out. If there is a dot, the holder is out.

The game then resumes with a new Source and continues until two winners remain.

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