Team Spirit

All ages, for groups of 3 or more

Materials: big paper, markers, scrap paper, pencils, or pens

In this activity kids create a team name, team chant, and team logo. A great activity to use on the first meeting of a group that will be together for some time or will meet repeatedly. Depending on the size of the group, you may have all the kids work together to create one team identity, or you may group the kids into a few separate teams and have each group create an identity. Smaller teams can be especially good if you have a large group and wish to rotate between activities or have ready-made teams to play team games later. If you are creating several teams, have the groups number off randomly or have the adults create the groups so that people mix together with folks they don't know as well.

1. Give each group pencils or pens and some scrap paper. Give groups 15 minutes to come up with a team name. Remind the groups that they can use whatever method they want to for coming up with a name but should agree on the method (for example: voting, consensus, or picking from the best choices out of a hat) and the team name should be something that the people in the group like being associated with.

2. Once the group has come up with a name, give it another 10 minutes to come up with a chant or a cheer for the group. Let groups know that the chant should be something to cheer on the group, not something that puts other teams down.

3. Then give the group another 15 minutes to come up with a logo for the team using the scratch paper to work out a design.

4. Once each group has a logo design, hand out markers and big sheets of paper so that each team can draw and color in its logo. The logos can hang in the common meeting room or identify places in the room for teams to gather.

5. At the end have each team present its name, chant/cheer, and logo to the other teams. If there is only one team, have members present it to the group leader.

Tips: You may wish to adjust the times for these steps depending on the total size of the group and how long the group will be using these teams. You can omit the logo portion if you just want to do names and chants and then move on with another activity.

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