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In April 2007, Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion was released. The first comprehensive book for nonreligious parents, PBB laid out a basic philosophy for nonreligious parenting in a wide variety of voices. The book fulfilled the promise of its preface to support and encourage nonreligious parents, but (also as promised) included relatively little in the way of practical advice.

The sound you heard upon opening this book was the other shoe dropping. Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief is just that—a practical guide. You'll find ideas and ponderings in these pages, but also specific answers to common questions and hundreds of activities and resources to make those ideas come alive.

Along the way we will also address some of the larger questions about nonreligious parenting that have surfaced since the release of PBB, including the first and foremost: What exactly is nonreligious parenting?

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