Molleen Matsumura

Next to parenthood, writing the "Sweet Reason" advice column was the best preparation for contributing to this book. So, deepest thanks to Matt Cherry for inviting me to launch it; sometimes our friends know us better than we know ourselves. Elaine Friedman and Ruth Geller have been friendly and thoughtful editors. So has Duncan Crary, who goes the extra ten miles in giving support.

Jone Johnson-Lewis, Don Montagna, and Lois Kellerman gave permission to include "Steps to Seeking Forgiveness"; Jone and Lois offered additional advice and support. Kate Lovelady obtained permission to use the St. Louis Ethical Society Sunday School's "Core Values." Arthur Dobrin generously gave permission to quote extensively from his book. Chris Lindstrom, Susan Rose, Bobbie Kirkhart, Cleo Kocol, John "The" King and many more people have also been helpful. Tim Madigan introduced me to the research on flow and has been a source of constant encouragement through the years.

Thanks to Elly Matsumura, Maja Marjanovic, Janelle Ishida, Adi Wise, Robyn Gregg, and Caitlin Nye—I can say from experience that our children are our best teachers.

Even a writer has no words for how supportive and inspirational Ken Mat-sumura has been.

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