Pollack, Stanley, and Mary Fusoni. Moving Beyond Icebreakers (Boston: Center for Teen Empowerment, 2005). A great resource for organizing groups and meetings with kids, teenagers, and adults. Contains more than 300 exercises, but unlike many other resources, it also gives helpful guidance on why to integrate these activities, creating buy-in and overcoming resistance of group members, plus tips regarding how best to select activities that will work well with your group's membership and purposes.

This book would be useful to those who are trying to start a new group, whether the group is aimed at kids, teens, adults, or families participating together. It would also be a helpful tool for those who are trying improve the dynamics and community feeling of an existing group. If your local freethought group consists of a monthly lecture with Q&A and then everyone disappears, this book can provide insights into how to build a more robust community in your group by making meetings more interactive. The book is produced by a nonprofit organization called Teen Empowerment (www

.teenempowerment.org) and is available from its website or from your favorite online bookstore.

Unitarian Universalist FAQ: www.uufaq.com. Several exciting new resources for nonreligious parents are currently in development, including a "Secular Parenting Wiki" of activities related to critical thinking, ethics, meaning, and inquiry and a humanist Sunday school curriculum from the American Humanist Association. For continuous updates on new resources for non-religious parents, visit the Parenting Beyond Belief homepage at www .parentingbeyondbelief.com.

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