Encouraging Positive Attitudes Toward Growth and Learning

For parents

View parenting videos at the "Half Full" website (http://peacecenter.berkeley .edu/tools.html), including "Effort, Not Achievement,""Embracing Kids' Failure," and "Fostering Growth Mindsets." Discuss these ideas with parenting partners. Reach a consensus on when a mistake should be considered an opportunity to grow and when it means a child needs help.

When you make mistakes, model honesty and lifelong learning. Find the humor or the lesson in the situation. For example, "Whoops! I left the sugar out of the lemonade. How silly can you get? You think I should try it with limes next time?" Or, after assembling furniture from a kit, "No wonder the chair is lopsided. I didn't follow the instructions on page 6. Next time, I'll look over the instructions before I start a project."

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