Dale McGowan

Thanks first and foremost to the hundreds of nonreligious parents around the world for asking the questions and suggesting the answers from which this book was spun. A special wave to everyone at the Parenting Beyond Belief Discussion Forum, the readers and commenters on the Meming of Life blog, and participants in the PBB Seminar Tour. This one's for you.

Thanks to my agent Uwe Stender and to Christina Parisi and Kama Tim-brell at AMACOM for patiently enduring all of my ongoing nonsense.

Heartfelt thanks to Molleen, Jan, and Amanda for their easygoing brilliance and levelheadedness. You've ruined me for all future collaborations. Thanks also to Louise Mead at the National Center for Science Education; Matt Cherry at the Institute for Humanist Studies; and Nica Lalli, Susan Wurzer, and Chris Lindstrom of Camp Quest West.

Deepest gratitude to my parents, Carol and David, for raising freethinkers, which made it all the easier for me to do the same. Finally, a huge squeeze to Becca, Erin, Delaney, and Connor. What an incredible privilege it is to be your husband and dad. Respectively.

The choices of pull quotes and statistics scattered throughout the book were almost entirely mine, as is the book's Preface. Any lapse of judgment or errors in those materials should be charged to my account. It also goes without saying that none of those who have helped the four of us in the creation of this book shall be held responsible for any errors without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

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