American Ethical Union

Sample curriculum: _Neighbor_exploration.pdf

The American Ethical Union publishes some of its religious education curricula for kids on its website. The Love Your Neighbor curriculum is its ethics and values curriculum for preschool through early elementary school. If you are starting a children's program, you may find some of the stories and activities useful. If you are considering an Ethical Society, you may also find this curriculum interesting as an example of the children's programs offered.

OABITAR (Objectivity, Accuracy, and Balance In Teaching About Religion)

Different Drummers curriculum:

Different Drummers is a curriculum on the role of freethinkers in history, produced by OABITAR. Designed for use in public schools, this resource focuses on the important societal roles played by people who think differently from the mainstream. Some parts of this curriculum may be helpful if you are starting a children's program. You may also want to suggest it to your child's school, es pecially if you are looking for a way to help remedy a bias toward Christianity or conformity in the classroom.

Ethical Society Without Walls

Ethical Culture

Society for Humanistic Judaism

Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

The Unitarian Universalist Association Tapestry of Faith curriculum

Some of the stories and lessons in this curriculum are available online. Some sections would be relevant for humanist children's programs.

Resources for Secular Homeschoolers Secular Homeschoolers' Personal Web Pages

Secular Homeschool

Secular Homeschooling Magazine—a new resource

General homeschooling information

Lawrence Hall of Science, the public science center of the University of California, Berkeley, produces pre-K through high school science and math education materials, some of which are aimed at homeschoolers. www.lhs

Yahoo! Groups for Freethought Homeschoolers (all membership totals as of May 2008)

Secular homeschoolers group (1520 members)

Atheist homeschoolers group (729 members)

UU homeschoolers group (995 members)

Freethinking HomeEducators group (270 members)

Freethinking Unschoolers group (582 members)

Many smaller groups are available, including some on the state or city level. Enter appropriate search terms (e.g., secular homeschool Georgia) at www

Home Schooling

Home Schooling

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