Celebrate Peace

The values of peace and nonviolence are a wonderful fit with the values of humanism. Two international holidays draw particular attention to these values: United Nations Peace Day (September 21) and International Day of Nonviolence (October 2—Gandhi's birthday). Some ways your family can observe and celebrate these holidays:

• Write letters to the leadership of your country about your desire for peace in a certain part of the world.

• Have a neighborhood picnic for peace.

• Make a banner or poster and place it on your front lawn.

• Create your own video project of people talking about their hopes for peace.

• Light a candle for peace and place it on the table while you eat.

• Mail out Peace Cards to family and friends.

• Buy Peace Bonds to support the work of Nonviolent Peaceforce (www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org).

• Visit the "One Safe Generation" webpage at the Institute for Humanist Studies (www.humanistparenting.org > One Safe Generation) for ideas about protecting children from violence at all levels.

(See the Resources section for websites with resources for celebrating and promoting peace and nonviolence.)

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