Body Myth or Body Fact

Ages 12+

Materials: blank index cards (other variations can include dice or a game board of your creation)

Write a body/sex myth or body/sex fact on each of 30-40 index cards. On the opposite side of each card, identify as MYTH or FACT. Examples:

• Sex education results in kids having sex earlier. (MYTH)

• The U.S. average for first intercourse for girls is 17. (FACT)

• Most teenagers are sexually active. (MYTH)

• You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex. (MYTH)

• Condoms keep you from feeling anything during sex. (MYTH)

• 98 percent of boys masturbate (FACT)

(Sources of myths and facts include the PBS website for IN THE MIX at and the LiveScience Sex Quiz at

Divide the family or group into two teams. Read a myth or fact about sexuality and have the teams compete for the right answer.

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