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Going Places Skip Hop is known for its cute toddler-size backpacks. But its new Zoo Lunchies are ail that and, quite possibly, a bag of chips: insulated and easy to carry, these soft-sided lunch boxes also offer an adjustable bottle pocket, a mesh compartment for small items like utensils or toys, and a walloping dose of adorableness. $13;

The British are coming!

The U.K.'s top tot-feeding line, TommeeTippee, hits crossed the pond. Colorful and modern, it offers future faves like this truly leak-free trainer cup (just check the hinged cover on that spout!) and a high-chair mat that, for once, realty keeps those bowls from flying. And you thought Supern army was the best Brit import ever.

$7.99 for a two-pack;

THE FLINTSTONESiTM Harina-Bartem (s08)

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'This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I

Because kids need healthy bodies and minds.

Fiintstones is the only complete gummie multivitamin with extra choline*. Its a nutrient found in breast milk that helps support healthy brain function.*

Moms can trust 'em. Kids witt love 'em.


Live deliriously

Live deliriously

Rent Food Made Easy"

For mare great-lasting recipes, visit or call 1 -800-MEAL-TTPS

Rent Food Made Easy"

For mare great-lasting recipes, visit or call 1 -800-MEAL-TTPS


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