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For many Olympic athletes, bringing home a medal isn't just their dream-

it's their family's dream too. Olympic Gold Medal Speed Skater, Chad Hedrick, and Skeleton World Champion, Noelle Pikus-Pace, will be sharing their Vancouver experience from their babies' point of view throughout the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Follow their stories, and see their photos and videos on



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□ HOP TO IT Cute Cheddar bunnies are mixed with teeny pretzel "carrots." Who said kids can't have fun with their food? Annie's Snack Mix Bunnies; $4.99

□ PUFF GUYS These magic puffs capture the toasty flavor of a grilled cheese sandwich in each bite. Plus, they come in portioned bags that won't ruin dinner, Snikiddy Grilled Cheese Puffs; $3.89 for six 1-oz bags

D IN THE BAG In honor of Earth Day, these classic whole-grain munchies are now packed in a compostable bag. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar; $3.79

□ CALCI-YUM! Got a kid who can't stand milk? Serve up an uber-convenient cheese stick, which has almost as much calcium per serving. Organic Vatley stringles In Colby Jack; $4.99

Whole Foods's cheese curls are baked instead of fried, so they have about half the fat of other brands. There's also no neon residue because actual cheese is baked into each bite! 365 Everyday Value Cheese Curls; $1.99

□ SEA-ING GREEN The beloved fishes get a remix: Each portion has a one-third serving of veggies baked right in. Garden Cheddar Goldfish; $2.19

□ BOOTYLICIOUS Just when you thought a munchle couldn't incite any more mania, a new flavor is unveiled: pizzal It's a snack after a kid's own arrgh-1. New York Pizza Pirate's Booty; $1.49


Graduates® delicious snacks are made with whole grains, Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc. They're specifically tailored for your toddler's nutritional needs. G fo© .CHI

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