QMy dad sometimes tells my 4-year-old son not to "throw like a girl" or not to cry because "only girls cry," I don't like the message it's sending. How do f handle this?

A Plain and simple: It's time to check your daddy. There's no way that he can keep spewing anti-girl rhetoric without it rubbing off—and absolutely no good can come from having your little boy repeat that madness within earshot of another mom or, worse, another little girl who'd be quick to check him on It. The hard way, So tell your dad (nicely!) that putting girls down to build up your son is not only insulting, it's probably ineffective. There are better, positive ways he can encourage his grandchild, such as explaining "Crying Is not going to get you what you want" or "If you're going to be a great baseball player, you have to learn how to throw like one—here's how." Don't be scared: Grandparents can be stubbornly set in their ways, but they're also some of the most reasonable people on the planet when it id^fcit, comes to their ask the mom squad • jvt grandkids. Speak Denene Mi,,ner has foment- HK S , ., r... free advtce for the trickiest kid it, and I m willing (and growtVLip!) behaviors. mfâg to bet your dad Send her your questions at ' ^MT will receive it. mo m s q u a d'«parenting,com

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