If you're cramping up more than ever, it's probabiy no surprise to hear that PMS can feel worse postkids, especially if you've switched— or stopped—contraceptives. "When you stop taking birth control and start ovulating, you could get hit with the PMS symptoms the Pill was suppressing," says Linda Bradley, M.D., with the Cleveland Clinic. Checkout the latest on how to deal:

Yoga Practicing yoga can significantly improve the psychological and physical symptoms of PMS, according to a study from India, Yoga provides exercise, relaxation, and stress management—all things that can ease your monthly misery.

Dairy & calcium Taking in 600 mg of calcium (about a glass of milk and a cup of yogurt) twice a day could cut premenstrual fatigue, cravings, and low moods in half, reports a recent Columbia University study. Supplements work, too; pop one with vitamin D for better absorption.

Antidepressants Women with moderate to severe PMS may benefit from low doses of sertraline (Zoloft) in the two weeks before their periods, says research in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Sf you're really suffering and just not able to function normally, it can't hurt to ask your doctor about it.

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QMy man's glued to the TV 24/7 for every sport—even bocce! How can I get him to tone down his obsession and pay more attention to his family?

Alt seems ¡ike women have been grappling with this issue since men realized, hey, rocks can roll! If your husband's like most men, he's probably using sports both for entertainment and to unwind. While this can be healthy in small doses, he shouldn't be so fixated on the TV that he ignores you or the kids. Here's your game plan: Have an honest conversation with him—not during a game—and avoid the (understandable) urge to accuse or criticize. Tell him that while you're happy to support his love of sports, there has to be some balance. Make your feelings clear by saying something like "It hurts me when you're glued to the screen for hours on end, and it makes me feel as though you're choosing the game over me and the kids—we want your attention, too." Then come up with a strategy that works for both of you, such as his watching a set amount of games per week or turning them on only after the kids are in bed, Stick to your side of the bargain by not hassling him during games, and even try to get into his sports (okay, bocce may be pushing it) so that it's something you can do together. Marriage is all about compromise and supporting one another's interests, whether that includes football or Project Runway, and communicating your

ASK THE MOM SQUAD Laura Berman, Ph.D., author of The Book of Love, runs a sex therapy clinic in Chicago. E-mail her at momsquada parenting.com.

needs is the best way to keep little resentments like this from festering.


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