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Nick, me, Eric, and Darcy


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Nick, me, Eric, and Darcy

PI i ING M A KES ME THINK OF PRETTY dresses, Easter bonnets, and Lhe Easier Parade here in New York, where ladies still wear grand: hats down Fi fth Avenue. My lit tie daughter, Darcy, though, thinks only about worms, frogs, and jumping into mud puddles in her beige Uggs (hand-me-downs from a friend, but still, Uggs). But even though she loves picking up those slimy guys, she's terrified of spiders. In fact, when we can finally get outside lo play hide-and-seek (big brother Nick is a trickster i f he sees us coming, he darts behind bushes and hides anew), Darcy will often suddenly start screaming that she's walked into a spiderweb! She'll cry like crazy, even though we can't find a thing on her. Then that night, she'll have a nightmare about a giant spider crawling on her, and the weeping and wailing will begin all over again. But what can I say? Even though I don't get a lol of sleep this time of year, I still adore the season. Because while my son maybe a (good) cheater and my tomboy daughter wrecks her cutest shoes, those are precisely the kinds of thirds that remind me that I would jump in front of a bus tor these two children I love or even into a ( . . £ ^ ^___, gmormous spiderweb. Y^ Susart Kane, Editorial Director [email protected]>pa

YOUR LETTERS Our February article

"Yes, You Can Sleep in!"—giving safe ways to keep your early-rising preschooler entertained while you get more shut-eye—helped some grateful, zzz's-deprived moms. Michelle Hardy of Smyrna, GA, used our strategies on her 3-year-old, "They worked like a charm!" she wrote, gushing about sleeping in on a Saturday (till 8:05—you go!). Another item that brought In mail was in our Kid Health section, giving reasons not to spank. "Will you stop assuming parents who spank their children do so as an expression of their own persona! temper tantrum?" wrote Amy Dalager of Argyle, MN. "My husband and I do it—as a last resort—when calm and in control, and have seen positive behavioral changes." We get the point, but sorry: We stand behind our piece.

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