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It doesn't matter why you never completed college. What matters is that you're ready now. Arid so is one university. Kaplan University is accredited with over 125 degrees and programs and a faculty committed to your success. The right degree can make a huge difference on your resume, not to mention your future.

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The average time moms with kids 12 and younger spend i n the car each year, according to a recent survey

QMy family's main car is falling apart. Should I replace it with a new or a used one?

A For most of us, making that decision entails juggling quality-of-life desires against how much cash we want to spend. Only you know how much that new-car smell matters to you, so let's talk about the costs, both immediate and long-term. A new car will have higher up-front costs (e.g., the down payment and the monthly loan payments), depreciate more quickly, and cost more to insure. But you're likely to have lower maintenance and repair bills, especially in the first few years. A used car can be purchased outright, or for a smaller loan (i.e., your monthly payment is likely to be lower), will depreciate slowly, will cost less to insure, and will probably have higher maintenance and repair costs. How does that all add up? According to, a good source for car values, a $20,000 new car is likely to cost about $32,000 in total out-of-pocket expenses at the end of five years; a used car bought for $10,000 is apt to cost about $18,000 total. Using those numbers, a used car would save about $2,800 per year. But a new car will be worth a great deal more than a used one after five years, so that figure would actually be closer to $1,800 (and some of that savings would go toward the inevitable repairs). Bottom line: Is that new-car smell worth "««SQUAD

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Grime Fighter

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Grime Fighter

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(j^fcwi m i a DUST BUSTERS Outfit your family in these washable chenille microfiber slippers, then dust your floors as you cruise around your castle. Also available: Fuzzy Wuzzy dust mitt for your cleaning crew; it has a chenille side for dusting and a terry-cloth side for scrubbing. Slipper Genie, adult's $12.99, chiid's $9.99, Fuzzy Wuzzy, $4.99; Bed Bath & Beyond stores

B KICK THE BUCKET The new and improved Swiffer WetJet mop cleans floors in half the time of a traditional mop and bucket, and the dirt gets trapped inside the disposable pad instead of being pushed around. An antibacterial cleaning solution and one made just for wood floors are available now, too. Swiffer WetJet starter kit, $21.99; Target stores

El ONE AND ONLY Stop lugging assorted squirt bottles all over the house—The Grime Fighter wipes everything from countertops to cabinets to that scuzzy high chair. Plus, it's nontoxic and plant-based, so it's good for the environment and safe to use around your sweetie pie. The Grime Fighter A11-Purpose Household Cleaner, $6.99, wipes, $7.99;

□ HITS THE SPOT Just plop this magic machine on a carpet or upholstery stain and walk away. The water heats up and the deep-cleaning spiral-action brushes get to work sucking up even set-in stains. Bliss! Five lucky moms will each win a SpotBot. Go to to enter. See page 113 for more details. SpotBot ProHeat, $169.99;

B ODOR EATER Banish stinky smells— the diaper pail, kitty litter, his socks—while you vacuum. Load these smart beads into the vacuum bag and a clean, natural scent is released, neutralizing odors. Pearl Packs (for bagless vacs), candles, sprays, and continuous-release gel crystals are also available. Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls, $12;

You can manage it all with Penn Foster.

You don't have to choosc between raising your family or fulfilling your education goals. Pcnn Foster allows you to learn at home and provides the professional training you need tor a successful career.

Study at home. Penn Foster offers degree and diploma programs designed to train students for employment in the fastest-growing professions. There arc no dasses to attend. You choose the time and place to complete your courscwork.

Choose the method that suits your learning style.

You can study online, in print, or a combination of both. All learning materials arc sent directly to you. You work independently, but not alone. Expert instructors and a helpful support staff arc just a phone call or an email away.

Online Community. You can interact with other Penn Foster students through our online community, including social networks, blogs, and discussion groups.

Tuition. Penn Foster's tuition price includes all learning materials and instructor support. We offer 0% APR financing and customized payment plans to best meet your individual needs.

-------------------------------------------Qr mail this

Accreditation. Penn Foster College and Penn Foster Career School are nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Penn Foster Career School is also regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools for its high school and vocational -technical programs.

Career Services. Current students and graduates are notified of job openings submitted directly to Penn Foster by employers from around the country. Graduates of Penn Foster can take advantage of Penn Foster Career Services, which include access to job searches, tips on interviewing, and resume building with the help of a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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