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Go-To Guide to Treating Diaper Rash from Desitin

Your baby's health and comfort are your first priorities. Most babies experience diaper rash at some point; afterail, it's the most common baby skin problem. You shouldn't feel guilty, just be prepared with these basic tips from the experts at DESITIN®, the number one choice of pediatricians and moms.

Identifying the Rash

Not all diaper rash is the same. Mild diaper rash is slightly red and may be warm to the touch, tf left untreated, the redness can deepen and spread as far as the top of your baby's thighs. Severe diaper rash often has brighter shades of red and feels hotter to the touch.

Leading Causes

I Prolonged exposure to trapped moisture

I Chafing or friction with the diaper

I Use of antibiotics or introduction of new foods which may cause diarrhea that can lead to diaper rash

Treating and Preventing Diaper Rash

Follow these simple tips to prevent and treat irritated little bottoms:

\ Be sure to change wet or soiled diapers right away

> Clean the affected area as delicately as possible and allow the skin to dry completely

> Let your baby go without a diaper to allow air to reach the bottom, which will reduce warmth, moisture and friction

» Apply a thick layer of DESITIN®, which instantly forms a protective barrier to relieve diaper rash discomfort from the very first use

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