Fab Finds

1 LIP GLOSS ON A CLIP The teeny tubes of Yoyo I. Lip Gloss ($2.99 each; yoyolipgloss.com) are attached to a clip with a retractable string. Clamp one inside your bag (on the edge of a cell-phone pocket or even straight to the lining) and you'll never have to rummage again—just grab and gloss!

Time-saver Alert!

So smart: L'Oreal Paris's True Match Roller

Perfecting Roll On Makeup ($14.95), a cream foundation with an applicator that's 1 i ke a mi n i-paint roller. 11 applies coverage evenly and - the best part-no more makeup underyour fingernails in the morning!

DYE ANOTHER DAY Stretch out those salon visits with L'Oreal Paris's Touch-On Highlights ($12.99), a kit with a funky fingertip applicator that makes it easy to get thin, subtle highlights right where you want them.

n BEST TRESSED Gamier HerbaShine O Color Creirte ($7.99), a hybrid between semipermanent and permanent, can lighten your color one shade (semi-permanents can't), works in ten minutes, and boosts shine, all without ammonia. (Bonus; It smells fruity, not chemical-y.)

Duo for Dazz

if you want a brighter smile, but slapping on whitening strips every day Is too fussy (and in-office treatments are too pricey), a new toothbrush-paste combo claims to be your solution. Our moms tried Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste

($4.25) with the Orai-B 3D White Advantage Vivid Toothbrush

"The best toothpaste I've ever used in my life! i am a coffee and soda drinker, yet I've noticed a change. And my teeth even feel clean in the morning when I wake up. How is that possible?" —Jackie Fornetfi, mom of Chloe, 5, and Lucy, 4, Grand Rap ids, Ml

"I will definitely buy these on my own. My teeth look whiter than with other products. And this toothpaste tastes much better than other brands." — Debbie Walker, mom of Ashley, 16 months, Pennsauken, NJ

"My teeth really needed brightening. But after only a few days, they looked better, less beige.

And since it tastes so good, I don't skip brushing at night." —Oefrdre Smith, mom of Daniel, 22 months, Simpsonville, SC

"I love the quick whitening results! You could see a difference, and without the sensitivity some whitening products cause. Plus, I like the way the toothbrush is narrow enough to easily clean my back teeth." —Sererta Harper, mom of Gwendolyn, 18 months, American Fork, UT

"The whiter appearance is still going strong! The fresh breath lasts way longer than my regular toothpaste." —Lisa Waiters, mom of Chloe, 3, Smithfield, PA


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