We Planted a Tree By Diane Mutdrow Two families on opposite ends of the earth each tend a sapling—and the whole world is better, thanks to their good hearts and green thumbs. A great Earth Day read. $17.99, Golden Books 4 AND UP

LMWOpeas By Keith Baker

A bunch of animated peas guide kids from A to Z. A letter-perfect read that might just convince your kid to try a spoonful of his roly-poly new pals for a change. $16.99, Beach Lane Books 3 AND UP


In this wildly creative PC game, kids draw zoo crea tures that then come to life. Now, if that would work everywhere: Beach? Poof. Icy beverage? Poof. Cabana boy? As if! $19.99. Sabi Games 4 AND UP

Higher! Higher! By Leslie Patriceili A little girl wants to reach new heights on a swing; Has Dad got the muscle to push her all the way to outer space? $6.99, Candlewick Press BIRTH TO 3

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