By Patty Onderko

QMy pediatrician said that my 2-year-oid, who always seems to have a cough, has reactive airway disease. What the heck is that—and does it mean he's going to be asthmatic?

A Reactive airway disease, or RAD, is a term we use when a child's lungs have a tendency to overreact to various conditions, such as viral infections like a cold or the flu, or allergens like pet hair or pollen. Kids with RAD will have periods of coughing, wheezing, or difficulty breathing. The good news, however, is that these super-twitchy little airways may become less easily irritated as a child gets bigger. Could it be asthma? Maybe, but that's a difficult diagnosis to make in smalt children because it requires not only specialized lung testing that's hard for a little guy to perform, but also a history of specific symptoms. Honestly, though, it doesn't matter. Whether he has asthma or RAD, a kid needs to take his medications as prescribed, it is also important that all of his caretakers are familiar with the signs of worsening symptoms—shortness of breath even at rest, excessive coughing, and rapid breathing—so they know when to give additional treatment or seek immediate medical attention. Early recognition and management of his ASK THE MOM SQUAD symptoms is Lai* zibners This pediatrician the kev to nrp- mom penned the hilarious and y > . helpful If Your Kid Eats This Book, venting a trip Everything Will Still Be Okay. Write to the ER. to her at [email protected].

Eco-Diane es

We asked moms on the front lines of poop to give their regular diapers a break and go green. Here's the lowdown on four earth-friendly options:

Earth's Best TenderCare


RAVE: "They are super absorbent, even overnight And (he fact that they're processed without chlorine is important to me."

—Amanda, mom of James, U months and keep in mind... Moms loved the secure fit, the easy-to-fasten tabs, and the thinness: others noted that they were "papery" and made an annoying crinkly sound.

Kushies Ultra-Lite

ALL-IN-ONE WASHABLE CLOTH $12.49 each; rave: "These stay on well and fit snugly around the waist and legs. They're also great on the go— they wrap up nicely for storage in my diaper bag."

—Alexandra, mom of Morgan, 6 months and keep in mind... You've gotta be on (op of your laundry with cloth, especially if you own a limited number Some moms thought the patterns were quirky bul slill prelly cule on a baby's lush.



RAVE: "I wish it were summer so my daughter could r.,-1 r Mf.diry I:..: ie- gDirjpK's llisy'-s :l ;il adorable! I love the option of a cloth insert or the one that's flushable and biodegradable."

—Wicote, mom of Lillith, 13 months AND KEEP IN MIND... This hybrid isn't as easy as a disposable, but it's less work than cloth. Plus, moms raved about the bright colors, ruffles, and goofy names (Golly Molly Pink, Grateful Red).

Seventh Generation


RAVE- "They really hold a lot and they fit my daughter well. I also love the slim profile they give her (no big ol' saggy bottom hanging out)."

—Angle, mom of Rosabelle, 12 months AND KEEP IN MIND... One tot stayed dry all night, even when she slept late, but some moms said the ,.:r ooloi n;kes 1: h;:i;: ~ee li e x^i:.

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