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Its a bra. Its a tank. Its an undershirt.


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1 They hardly remember anything before age 2. 2 Your toddler is too small to understand what you called the #&*%! who cut you off on the parkway. 3 Your tween is big enough to understand what you said—but smart enough not to repeat It In front of Grandma. 4 Sooner or later, your child will come to see a large purple dinosaur as unsuitable marriage material.

There must be at least some trace minerals in chips.

6 Losing the spelling bee or suffering through a few years of braces actually does build character. 7 At some point, he'll be Interested enough In girls to bathe voluntarily 8 Because unless she's the next Jennifer Garner, her awkward yearbook photo won't haunt her for the rest of her life. 9 Because there are a million and one ways to raise kids right, and only a few ways to screw them up royally. 1C Because they've got the world's greatest mom. That's you, babe!

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It has an extra boost of delicious Dunkin' Donuts" flavor to kick-start your day. Pick some up where you buy groceries.

One taste and you'll understand

Enfamil PREMIUM. Three proven* benefits.

T Enfamil PREMIUM has not been proven superior to Similac Advance EarlyShieid™ in supporting growth, brain and eye or immune system development. Simitac Advance Early Shield™ is a trademark of Abbott Laboratories



And twice the DHA of Sîmiiac Advance EarlyShield™

Enfamil® PREMIUM™ with Triple Health Guard™ is clinically proven* to provide your baby with all three of the following benefits:

#7 Promotes healthy growth #2 improves* brain and eye development #3 He/ps build a strong immune system-Now with prebiotics

^Studies compared Enfam I with DHA and ARA v. discontinued Enfamil without DHA and ARA. Improvements shown to 18 months for brain and eye. Studied before the addition of prebiotics.

©2010 Mead Johnson & Company

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